The Best of 2021: Our Top Five Blog Posts This Year

This past year has been no less turbulent and uncertain than the previous one, but it has also been a year of growth. Millwood shared blog posts on lumber shortages, supply chain issues, special holidays and more. We also detailed the events and achievements that we are proud of. See below for a roundup of our most popular blog posts in 2021!
  1. Married at Millwood - As a Valentine’s Day special, we shared about the couples at Millwood who are married by their facility chaplains. Our chaplains are one of the resources that sets Millwood apart as a company, and officiating weddings is one of the ways they provide spiritual support and leadership to our team members.
  2. Talking Supply Chain Podcast: What’s Up With the Crazy Pallet Market? - The lumber and pallet market was one of the hottest topics of 2021. In July, Millwood’s own Doug Gaier, director of procurement and sales support, sat down with podcast host Bob Trebilcock of the Talking Supply Chain Podcast to give an expert perspective on the pandemic’s effects on the price of pallets. 
  3. Millwood Management Meeting 2021: Make a Difference - Millwood’s annual management meeting took place in October in Columbus, OH. Team members were excited to be able to meet in person once again after a year of pandemic-induced virtual experiences. The meeting featured awards for both sales and operations team members as well as a keynote speech from professional consultant Kurt Andre. 
  4. Meet Millwood’s Newest Plant Managers: Kelly Singerline and Rosa Marin - In November, we wrote about two of our team members who were recently promoted to plant managers. Kelly Singerline has been with Millwood as a plant administrator for over 17 years in South River, OH where she is now the manager. Rosa Marin started at Millwood as a recruiter on the HR team before being promoted to the plant manager position in Rochester, NY.
  5. Pallets as Christmas Gifts - One of our most recent articles, this post shows the many ways pallets can be used to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones. With the supply chain issues currently plaguing the retail world, homemade gifts are a more practical choice than ever, and pallets allow for a great deal of creativity. We featured several Etsy creators and artists to showcase the many ways you can create tasteful pallet gifts yourself.
We would like to thank our readers for sticking with us throughout all the ups and downs of the past year. Millwood considers it a blessing to be able to share important information and updates about the company and the industry for our audience. We hope to continue to be a valuable resource to our readers in 2022.
Author: Jessica Chizmar