Meet Millwood’s Newest Plant Managers: Kelly Singerline and Rosa Marin

Millwood has recently promoted two new plant managers from within the company. Rosa Marin, who was previously a recruiter on our HR team, is now plant manager of our Rochester, NY facility, and Kelly Singerline, who served as plant administrator at South River, NJ for 17 years, is now the plant manager of that facility. 
Both of these women exemplify the Millwood pillars and show their dedication and care for team members in everything they do. 
Rosa attributes her success at Millwood to her work ethic and passion for helping others.
“I showed my work ethic, and that is what has brought me to where I am today,” Rosa said. 
District Manager Matt Pacurar considers Rosa to be a strong leader for her team members.
“Rosa has an extremely strong will to lead people and leading by example,” Matt said. “Her ability to communicate as both a leader and a listener is at a very high level and has quickly been appreciated by all the team members at her facility.”
Kelly Singerline applied for the plant manager position after the previous plant manager recommended the position to her. Her many years as a plant administrator gave her experience and knowledge of Millwood’s business and culture, a huge advantage for a prospective manager. However, she still had a lot to learn about the manufacturing side during her training period. 
Kelly spent a few weeks learning how to repair and sort pallets as well as how to drive a forklift with the help of South River’s shift supervisors, Hipolito Lopez, Onesimo Espinoza and John Lawrence. 
“Every day I learn something new,” she said. “At first, it was a little intimidating to be so out of my element, but my team was helping me out every step of the way.”
Kelly noticed that her team had a newfound respect for her after she joined them on the plant floor, and she for them.
“They always respected me, but I think I really earned even more respect because I was actually out there doing the job with them,” she said. “After learning their jobs and performing them myself, I definitely have a new respect and understanding for just how hard our team members work on a daily basis.”
Congratulations to Kelly and Rosa on their new positions. Millwood is blessed to be able to extend the opportunity for growth to these two hardworking and deserving women, and we look forward to seeing how much they will accomplish in their new roles. 
Author: Jessica Chizmar