Pallets as Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost here, and gifts for family and friends are a top priority for many of us. Issues with the global supply chain have made online and in-store shopping more strained than in years past, putting that much more pressure to get those gifts in time for the holiday. One way to get around that is to make your own gifts! Pallet projects are a popular way to make your own decorations, and the reclaimed wood adds a touch of rustic style that is on-trend and loved by many. If you have spare pallets, these gift ideas might just be right for you.
If you don’t have the skills or time to put projects like this together yourself, we encourage you to purchase from the Etsy shops linked to each photo. These creators are small business owners who could use our support now more than ever.
Cross Wall Hanging
This wall decoration features reclaimed pallet planks with a cross in the negative space. This unique gift is perfect for anyone who loves to highlight their love of Christ in their home decor. 
Created by Julie and Bill at JulieandBillscrafts on Etsy.
Stove Cover
If there’s anyone on your list who loves hosting (or lacks counter space), they might really appreciate a rustic stove cover. A stove cover can be placed on top of the stove to make a little more room in the kitchen when the stove isn’t in use. If you want to get even more creative, you can also customize your cover with a quote or your giftee’s name!
Created by Chelsea and Blake at GlenChelseaDesignCO on Etsy.
Christmas Tree Sign
If you’re handy with a paintbrush, this DIY project is as versatile as they come. Once you have your reclaimed pallet wood prepared, you can paint anything your gift recipient might like. The example shown features an elegant, rustic design that brings the charm and festivity of a Christmas tree farm right into your home. 
Created by Cassie at RuggedRootsDecor on Etsy.
Christmas Tree Decoration
For even more Christmas tree fun, these trees made out of pallet wood are a great way to celebrate the holiday season. You can customize it to whatever color or size your giftee might like, and you can even include lights for some added flair.
Created by Donnie Rench at PalletTrees on Etsy. You can also find them on Facebook.
Snowman Decoration
For the person in your life who likes to keep their winter decorations up as long as possible, this gift is a perfect way to stay festive without being explicitly tied to any one holiday. These decorations are also highly customizable and great for both indoor and outdoor use!
Created by Donnie Rench at PalletTrees on Etsy. You can also find them on Facebook.
Decorative Gnomes
For the gnome-lover in your life, these plank gnomes are a great, fresh take on the decoration. They can be placed inside or outside and customized to the colors and sizes your giftee likes best! 
Created by BellaNova at BellaNovaHomeDecor on Etsy.
Author: Jessica Chizmar