The Essential Pallet

Let us begin by saying one thing: you, reader, are essential.

Author: Paige Greene

Companies Caring Remotely

Lately, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. The world is changing and all we can do is attempt to keep up and look for the growth opportunities that can be found in this challenge. One of the best lessons to learn from this pandemic is how to adjust and adapt our professional routines and goals without sacrificing or neglecting our relationships between team members.

Author: Paige Greene

Millwood Continues to Monitor COVID-19

Millwood leadership continues to monitor the ongoing concerns regarding coronavirus COVID-19 and has prepared this official statement; see below. Stay tuned for any new details as we move forward during a time when change is inevitable while we all adapt to this growing pandemic. We recommend that you do what you can to prevent the spread of this coronavirus and practice social distancing...

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