Team Members Celebrated Companywide

Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity for managers and workplace leaders to take a moment to celebrate and honor their employees. Regularly recognizing, rewarding and thanking your team goes a long way in showing them they are valued and appreciated. 
At Millwood, we bring gratitude to the forefront on Employee Appreciation Day. With over 1,800 team members across more than 30 facilities, we have a lot to be thankful for.
Managers and leaders at each Millwood location were encouraged to celebrate in their own way. Celebrations included luncheons and prizes as well as opportunities for company leaders to express their gratitude to their teams. 
Since last year’s Employee Appreciation Day, the Millwood family has grown to the tune of six new facilities and counting, and our team members from across the country have accomplished impressive feats like earning degrees, starting families, giving back to the community and leaning into our Pillars of trust, servitude, discipleship and integrity. Millwood is proud of and grateful for the achievements of all our team members over the past year and beyond.
Millwood’s mission is that all who come in contact with our company clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do, and that applies especially to our team members. It is because of them that Millwood is able to be a light in the marketplace.
Author: Jessica Chizmar