Millwood Team Members Attend Rescue Mission Benefit Dinner

On February 18, the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley held its annual benefit dinner. In keeping with tradition, several Millwood team members from our corporate office and Vienna, OH facility attended.
The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley is a Christian organization which provides food, emergency shelter and other services for families and individuals without homes. Millwood has partnered with the mission many times, including for our annual Shop 'Til You Drop event. The annual benefit dinner is a chance for the mission to make announcements and share testimonies with their supporters.
Corporate Events Coordinator Trish Rolland attended the event and was touched by the testimonies she heard there. 
“What I love about the benefit dinner is that it’s an opportunity to hear testimonies,” she said. “You want to hear success stories of people who have gone through difficult times and made it through with the help of the Rescue Mission, whether it’s helping them find a job or giving them temporary shelter. They give a hand up, not a hand out.”
Trish recalled one testimony given by a man who had no home and struggled with medical issues. The Rescue Mission was able to help him on his feet and get an education. Another man testified about his struggle with addiction and later began working with the Rescue Mission himself to help others.
“The testimonies were heartfelt. You can tell that this organization is meeting people who are hurting and helping them to get healthy again,” she said. “The Bible talks about planting a seed; someone will plant the seed, others will water it and nurture it. The Rescue Mission is doing their part in planting those seeds.”
Accounting Clerk Kathy Telego also attended the event and was moved by the stories of people whom the mission has helped. 
“I was moved by the success stories of the individuals and families who have been helped out of homelessness and given a real chance at life, all because of the compassionate people who work at and with the Rescue Mission,” Kathy said. “It truly is a port in the storm.”
Millwood is thankful and blessed to be able to work with an organization that is dedicated to both uplifting the community and spreading the love and light of Jesus Christ. 
Author: Jessica Chizmar