Millwood Case Study: Life Cycle of a Door

Finding sustainable solutions in logistics and supply chain management is not just a necessity but also an effective business practice. This case study illustrates how innovative pallet recycling solutions can reduce costs while benefiting the environment. A collaborative effort between Millwood and two customers led to successful financial and sustainability results.
The Problem
A large door manufacturer was shipping components to another company in Alabama, where the doors were finished. The two companies faced two significant challenges. The company in Alabama incurred substantial disposal fees by throwing away pallets, and the Canadian company had to frequently purchase new pallets because they couldn't retrieve the used ones.
Millwood's Solution
To address these challenges, Millwood stepped in with a strategic approach. Collaborating with both companies, Millwood set up a pallet retrieval program. This innovative program allowed the Canadian manufacturer to reuse their pallets, effectively minimizing waste and reducing material costs. The process involved sorting any reusable pallets from Canada and shipping them back from their Alabama customer.
Successful Results
Approximately 9,500 boards were returned to Canada each month, diverting 18 tons of wood waste from landfills annually. This initiative saved the Canadian customer an impressive $26,000 in annual pallet costs, showcasing Millwood's commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions in the logistics industry.
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Author: Jessica Chizmar