Millwood’s Ben Timmons Comments on Sustainability in PalletCentral Magazine

Millwood’s Product Line Manager, Ben Timmons, recently contributed to an article in PalletCentral magazine published by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association
The article, titled “Exploring Sustainability in the Wood Packaging Industry,” highlights comments from a variety of industry experts and leaders on the present and future of sustainability in packaging and pallets. 
Ben Timmons shared several key performance indicators (KPIs) Millwood is using to improve our environmental stewardship, including recording and measuring greenhouse gas emissions and tons of wood waste diverted from landfills. We are also tracking the number of pallets we repair annually and the tons of wood material we recycle and reuse.
By committing to measuring our environmental impact, we will continue to work toward reducing that impact to zero.
This commitment provides a benefit to our potential customers and partners, many of whom are actively looking for ways to create a more sustainable supply chain for their businesses while reducing costs.
As a company, our mission is that all who come in contact with Millwood would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do, which drives our dedication to doing our part in protecting God’s creation.
For more on how Millwood is striving for long-term environmental stewardship, you can read the full commentary on page 26 of the July/August issue of PalletCentral.
Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Sustainability