Inspirational Speakers Visit Millwood

Sports World, a Christian-based organization, partners with former professional athletes to inspire and motivate groups of all kinds, including schools, workplaces and organizations. Several Millwood facilities have hosted speakers in the past to bring messages of hope and faith to our team. Sports World speakers also encourage listeners to make positive choices in their lives.
This month, a Sports World speaker visited a Millwood facility in Ohio.
Wesley Fluellen, a former professional basketball player, visited one of our facilities to speak about his journey and being transformed by Jesus Christ. Fluellen grew up experiencing abuse in the foster care system, which led him to feel hopeless and like he didn’t matter. When he found Christ as a teenager, his life changed for the better.
“What an amazing testimony he shared with the team on how God rescued him from the pit of sin and misery and lifted him to a life full of hope and purpose,” Pastor Luis Diaz, regional chaplain coordinator, said. “All the team members were touched by what God can do when we submit ourselves to His will. Praise be to God for Sports World and their leadership.”
Another Millwood location in Ohio hosted a former professional athlete who is now a motivational speaker, Carmine Azzato. Azzato leads Hitting the Pavement ministries, whose mission is to ignite the Holy Spirit within people and help lead all God’s children to His light.
Azzato started professional wrestling as a teenager. Fifteen years later, he suffered a career-ending injury. After losing his wrestling career, his life began to spiral out of control. God stepped in, and in 2002, Azzato opened his heart to Jesus Christ. Since then, Azzato has become an evangelist and pastor, living his life under the guidance of Jesus and helping others do the same.
Sports World’s message is that you are not born a winner nor a loser; you are born a chooser. At Millwood, we maintain the belief that anyone can choose to accept the love of Jesus Christ. We encourage all our team members to make positive choices in their lives no matter their past, as modeled by those like Wesley Fluellen and Carmine Azzato.
Millwood’s mission is for all who come in contact with us to clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do.
Author: Jessica Chizmar