Former NFL Player Steve Grant Visits Glenwillow

The team at Millwood’s Glenwillow, OH facility recently had a visit from Steve Grant, a former NFL player who now works with Sports World, an organization that sends athletes to different locations to speak about their life experiences and the importance of making positive choices. 
Millwood has welcomed speakers from Sports World on many occasions as their values align with our own company culture. 
Grant, a former linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts and later the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, spoke to the team about his journey to Christ. 
“God spoke through Steve to all the team members at Glenwillow,” Pastor Luis Diaz, the facility’s dedicated chaplain, said. “It was such a special time we had with him.”
Before Steve spoke, one team member expressed that he wasn’t interested in hearing a religious message. Pastor Diaz explained to him that Steve wasn’t sharing a religion but rather the story of his life and what he has been through. The team member agreed to stay and listen to Steve’s message.
Steve spoke about his life’s journey and feeling a void in his life at a young age. A friend told him that what he was missing was Jesus Christ, and that accepting Him would fill that void. Later, Steve became a star athlete and used money, drugs and material objects to fill that hole. Later, he remembered the advice of his friend and sought a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
“When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, my life was no longer meaningless,” Steve said. “I understood that God had a purpose for my life and I was significant.”
The team members were touched by Steve’s message.
“All the team members present were moved by Steve’s authentic story,” Pastor Diaz said. “Even the team member I convinced to stay appreciated that he was able to hear a message of hope in his life.
Sports World’s message is that you are not born a winner nor a loser; you are born a chooser. At Millwood, we believe that anyone can choose to accept the love of Jesus Christ. 
Author: Jessica Chizmar