Cleveland, TN Celebrates Four Years Accident Free

Millwood’s Cleveland, TN operations opened its doors four years ago, and since then, it has remained an accident-free facility. 
The team celebrated its accident-free milestone with cake and a picnic. The food was catered by local restaurant Burrito Xpress and included chicken and steak bowls.
Staying safe is a team effort and a shared team responsibility at Cleveland.
“We have a very good team here,” Johana Gomez, plant chaplain and administrator said. “We touch on safety every day in our morning meetings, and we try really hard to keep the team motivated to stay safe.”
Johana also expressed that the team is thankful to God for keeping them safe so that they can go home to their families each night.
“We are thankful God has protected us and that no one is hurt,” she said. “We are also thankful for everything Millwood has invested in us.”
All our Millwood facilities strive for zero accidents every day in the workplace, but Cleveland made it a reality. For other teams aiming for significant safety milestones, the Cleveland team recommends respecting the possibility that an accident could happen to anyone. Always take the proper precautions, even if you don’t think you’ll be in an accident.
“The advice we give is that there is no such thing as ‘it would never happen to me’,” Johana said. “Anyone can have an accident.”
Congratulations to Plant Manager Lanny Lester and the whole Cleveland, TN team for this accomplishment. Millwood values every day that passes without a hurt team member, and 1460 days and counting is a remarkable feat. Thank you to every team member who makes safety a priority.
Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Safety