Cleveland Team Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary, Accident Free Days

The Cleveland, TN facility opened its doors three years ago, and as of June 19, the team there has avoided accidents for that entire duration. The team celebrated their three year anniversary and safety milestone with a party, including food, cake and fellowship. Going this long without one accident is no easy feat, but the Cleveland team makes safety a priority each day.
“We strive to be safe,” Johana Gomez, Cleveland’s plant administrator and chaplain, said. “Every day in our 5-minute meetings, we stress the importance of safety.”
The emphasis on safety also stems from an emphasis on family. Our team members care for one another and want to keep each other safe, which helps them stay motivated to follow safety protocols, Johana said.
“We remind team members that we need to look out for each other,” Johana said. “We are all a family here, and we want everyone to go home safely to their own families at the end of the day.”
Plant Supervisor Angel Quinones expressed his pride for the team. He also emphasized that working together is the key to staying safe.
“I feel very happy and proud of all of us, because three years is a long time,” he said. “To me, unity is the key.”
Adam Gallant, a wood stripper at Cleveland, was also proud of his fellow team members for this impressive milestone.
“I’m proud that we accomplished another year without accidents,” he said. “Working as a team is probably the biggest contributor to this achievement.”
Congratulations to the Cleveland team. Millwood is proud of your dedication to safety and to one another. May your team be blessed with many more years accident-free.
Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Millwood