What it Means to be a Millwood Chaplain – Vlog 11

As a faith-based company, Millwood prioritizes spiritual wellness (along with our physical and mental well-being). One of the resources offered to assist in this priority includes  a dedicated chaplain at each facility location. In today’s vlog, Josh meets with some of our chaplains and discusses what it means to be a chaplain for Millwood.

Team members are able to lean on Millwood’s chaplains in times where they need spiritual support and prayer. One of our regional chaplain coordinators, Jose Perez, recounts an occasion where a team member with a serious illness asked him to pray for her. The illness was possibly life threatening, and she was unable to take a certain medication for it because of an allergy. Jose prayed for her, and she later found out that she was no longer allergic to the medication.

Regional chaplain coordinator Modesto DeJesus talks to us about a time where a team member was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Team members helped support him and his family while he was going through treatment by buying meals from his wife every Friday. This past July, he found out that he was cancer-free.

Modesto and Jose explain that making a difference in team members’ lives by ministering to them brings them unspeakable joy and fulfillment. Being able to reach out and support team members who are in distress and help them grow spiritually means everything to them, and the work they do means everything to Millwood.

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Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Vlog