What is Nature's Packaging?

 The purpose of a packaging industry charity may seem obscure, but the benefits are undeniable. 

In last week's blog, we mentioned the $70,000 raised for Nature's Packaging during the Western Pallet Association annual meeting. Even many of us in the packaging industry had to ask though- what does a pallet company charity do?

To start, we checked out their mission statement, which says: "Increase the use of wooden packaging through educating and informing customers, packaging specialists and packaging students of wood’s environmental benefits"

While education is always a good thing, but is it a charity? To really understand how Nature's Packaging is assisting the environment and the world, you have to look one step closer- to see what their vision is.

Their goal and purpose is "For the expanded use of wood packaging to improve the environment while delivering the growing needs of global distribution."

It's important to go back to its roots. Nature's Packaging was developed with the combined effort of The Pallet Foundation, the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, The Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association and Western Pallet Association. They recognized the lack of education on environmental opportunities to move products, and decided to create a foundation that would assist business owners in making smart, environmentally friendly packaging choices without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

Some of the best reasons to choose wood pallets? There is no other material that requires so little energy to produce a packaging product, and as a renewable natural resource we are able to replace it quickly and inexpensively by select cutting lumber. That being said, wood pallets can be reused and recycled, preventing unnecessary waste in landfills. 

As the leading manufacturer in new and recycled pallets, we recognize the value of sustainable production and corporate responsibility. We stand behind Nature's Packaging and all their efforts in the name of environmental protection, and hope our customers make a stand to follow in these responsible practices!

Author: Paige Greene