Vienna Team Celebrates Three Years Accident-Free

Millwood’s Vienna, OH location reached their third year without an accident on October 22. They gathered to celebrate on November 3.
The festivities included a cake as well as lunch from Cocca’s Pizza. Plant Manager Tom Booth thanked the team for their dedication to one another’s safety.
“It is certainly a great accomplishment by the team that I’m fortunate enough to work with,” Tom said. “These team members are like family and watch out for each other’s wellbeing and know that safety is the utmost of importance. We want each and every team member to go home to their family safely at the end of every shift.”
For other teams on the road to significant safety milestones, Tom advises focusing on educating team members on the importance of PPE, safety training and the consequences of not adhering to safety standards.
Thank you and congratulations to the Vienna team for their excellent safety record and commitment to following safety protocol. It is because of commitment like this that Millwood is able to ensure that we follow through on our mission that everyone who come in contact with us would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do.
Author: Jessica Chizmar