Tyler Wallace Earns Automation Certificate

Senior Controls Technician Tyler Wallace recently earned a certificate from Rockwell Automation. Rockwell Automation is an American provider of industrial automation, including programmable logic controllers and other automation products in use at Millwood. They also provide product-specific educational courses as a way to support their customers. 
“The class taught me more about these controllers so that I can help support our organization’s operations,” Tyler said. “The pandemic and our busy project schedule has made it tough to get into any training, but I am fortunate and very appreciative that I got the opportunity to do this.”
Tyler traveled to Buffalo, NY for a week of classes led by Rockwell-certified instructor Philip Richmond, who taught the classes back-to-back. Richmond had over 30 years of experience in the field as an electrical engineer before transitioning to teaching. 
“I learned a lot in the training, and it has given me a good foundation to be able to help Brandon Engster, our lead engineer, to program and manage the many different systems we have installed around Millwood’s facilities,” Tyler said. 
With this training, Tyler will be better equipped to help the performance of the engineering team as a whole. 
“Eventually, this training will allow me to field some of the many service calls Brandon receives,” he said. “It will allow our department as a whole to be much more efficient and effective.”
At Millwood, the personal, professional and spiritual growth of our team members is a top priority. We are proud of Tyler for his achievement, and we look forward to seeing further professional growth from him. Congratulations, Tyler!
Author: Jessica Chizmar