Halloween at Millwood

After two years of pandemic-related restrictions and safety measures, Millwood’s corporate office reinstated its cubicle trick-or-treat event for the first time since 2019. 
Three corporate departments donned their best costumes and decorated their areas of the office according to a theme. In the afternoon, team members’ children had the opportunity to visit each department and go trick-or-treating cubicle-to-cubicle in their Halloween costumes. Afterward, the children also voted for their favorite themed area and costumes.
The three themes were carnival, enchanted forest and Whoville, which featured a visit from the Grinch. Whoville, put together by the accounting team, received the most votes and was ultimately victorious in the decorations contest.
Millwood is blessed to have opportunities to share joy and celebrate with one another and our families. Thank you to all those who made cubicle trick-or-treat a success.


Author: Jessica Chizmar