Trade Show Tuesday: Top Tips for Modex 2022

It’s been a long two years since Millwood has attended an in-person trade show, and we are thrilled to be getting back to it at Modex 2022 from March 28-31! If you’re gearing up for your first trade show (or you’re just a bit rusty after the pandemic) and aren’t sure what to expect, these tips will help make your experience a success.
  1. Decide your objectives with your team prior to the show. Make sure everyone attending the show understands why they are there and what you need to accomplish. This way, everyone can start off on the same page.
  2. Plan out which booths you’d like to visit. Most shows will offer a map that you can use to plan a route through the show.
  3. Build a schedule. Create a schedule that defines booth workers’ time in the booth as well as customer and supplier meetings. Make sure everyone knows where they need to be at all times.
  4. Carry a pen and take notes. You’ll be meeting a lot of people and learning about a lot of products. Most exhibitors follow up with an email after the show, but it never hurts to jot down someone’s information on a business card or in a notebook.
  5. Bring extra masks. Per the current mandate in Atlanta, masks are required when indoors at Modex 2022, including vaccinated individuals. You’ll want to make sure that you have extras in case one gets lost.
  6. Carry a small hand sanitizer. This tip was a must even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are shaking hands or just touching shared surfaces, carrying hand sanitizer with you at all times can help minimize your risk of getting sick during or after the trade show.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes and bring something warm to cover up with. Going from a sit-down office job to standing and walking for hours on a cement floor is a recipe for sore feet. Exhibit halls are often cold as well, so some sturdy shoes and a warm cardigan or sweater will keep you a little more comfortable during a long show.
  8. Bring water with you. The vending machines in the convention center are usually empty by the second day, and avoiding them altogether is a great way to save money. The venue may also be dry or dusty, so having water on hand is a good way to stay hydrated throughout the show.
  9. Have alternate food plans or take lunch during the off hours. You will get stuck standing in lines and eating on the floor if you wait to eat during regular lunch hours.
  10. Debrief with your team after the show. What went well? What needs improving? Take what you’ve learned from this show and bring it with you to the next!
Bonus tip: Be sure to meet up with the Millwood team in booth #B4026!
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Author: Jessica Chizmar

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