The House that the Love of Christ Built

In December, Millwood Chaplain Armando Escobar traveled to Champerico, Guatemala to rebuild the house of a member of his church’s sister church. The church member, Paulino, and his wife had been living in a small house that began to leak and flood consistently.
“Their house was near a little creek, and every time it would rain, water would come into their house, not only from the side, but also from the roof,” Armando said.
Armando, who has known Paulino for about 20 years, traveled to Guatemala to assist with building a new house for the couple.
“Paulino and his wife are always willing to help with any activity we have for the church,” Armando said. “The Lord laid it on my heart to build a new home for them.”
With a small team and several helpers, Armando and his church were able to construct a 15’x18’ home with a metal roof for the couple. They also repaired and secured the couple’s well so that they could access water.
“Everyone was willing to help where ever needed to get his house built,” Armando said. “This home would provide a safe and dry environment for Brother Paulino and his wife to live and sleep.”
Armando reached out to fellow Millwood chaplains for prayer as he traveled to Guatemala. Millwood was able to provide additional funding and support. 
“God works in ways to make things happen,” Armando said. “I am blessed to work with a company that is willing to do the work of the Lord. With Millwoods support, that's how we finished ‘the house that the Love of Christ’ built.
Millwood’s mission is that all who come in contact with our company would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do. We are blessed to be able to extend that mission as far as Guatemala for endeavors like this one.
Author: Jessica Chizmar