Team Members Show Love of Christ in Guatemala

Two Millwood team members, a regional chaplain coordinator and a chaplain, recently traveled to Aguacatán, Guatemala, partnering with the chaplain’s church and other local churches to distribute food to families in need. 

During their stay, they also sought out additional mission trip opportunities for Millwood team members to be a part of in the future, connecting with a wide variety of contacts.

“Throughout the week, we visited many local pastors, businessmen and a government official on how Millwood could partner with them to help those in need,” the regional chaplain coordinator said.

One night they were able to reconnect with a former Millwood team member and his family.

“We also met with a former Millwood team member that worked for us for over 10 years,” the regional chaplain coordinator said. “We visited and had dinner with his family.”

They were also able to connect with family members of current team members.

“We met a team member’s wife and gave her a phone from her husband who works at a Millwood location in Ohio,” the regional chaplain coordinator said. “On another visit, we met another team member’s family and prayed with them.”

At one meeting, a young mother of three children gave her life to Jesus.

“It was a great experience to see the home land of many of our team members and share the gospel as we did so,” the regional chaplain coordinator said. 

Our mission is that all who come in contact with Millwood would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do. Mission trips like this one are the reason Millwood exists.

Author: Jessica Chizmar