Team Members Clean Up Neighborhoods for Earth Day

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is by doing the work that helps keep the planet clean. Several of our corporate team members took the time to clean up litter and trash in their local neighborhoods this past weekend.

As a company, Millwood is always looking for ways to enable our team members to do their part in caring for the environment. In order to help facilitate cleanups, corporate team member Paige Greene contacted Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste to procure safety vests and litter grabbers for team members to safely pick up trash and litter.

“Originally we were hoping to gather as a group and clean the roads around the office,” Greene said. “Between COVID-19 and the weather, we were forced to adapt.”

Instead, supplies were given to team members to facilitate clean-ups in their own neighborhoods on their own timeline. Many team members included their family in the activity and shared photos of toddlers and teenagers helping. Participants were successful in cleaning up their communities and admiring nature.

“We’ve been doing this to celebrate Earth Day with our girls the past few years,” said Sarah Drennen, inside sales specialist and mother of twin four-year-olds. “They love picking up litter in the park any time we visit.”

Millwood is thankful to have team members who have an appreciation for nature and take responsibility for caring for it.

Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Millwood