Team Members Celebrate 15+ Years with Millwood

A Millwood facility in Illinois recently held a surprise party honoring team members who have been with Millwood for 15 years or more. Nine team members celebrated 15 years, one team member celebrated 16 years and five team members celebrated 17 years.
“We thanked them for laying the groundwork on which the culture of this facility was built,” the location’s plant manager said. “We also thanked all the team members for their continued efforts and contributions in driving the site forward.”
The party was themed after a Quinceañera, a customary Hispanic and Latin American celebration which honors a young woman’s 15th birthday.
The plant manager, who recently relocated to this location after several years at a different Millwood facility, was grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with old friends.
"I was a supervisor here when these team members were just starting out. It was very rewarding to be back 15 years later to celebrate with so many familiar faces,” he said. “I am very proud of these team members and the work done by setting up this surprise for them.”
The team members enjoyed the celebration and expressed appreciation for Millwood.
“I have been working with Millwood since 2008, and I am happy to work for this company 100%,” Juventino Martinez said. “I enjoy the work I do. If God is willing, I would retire from Millwood one day.”
Raul Alvardo expressed a similar sentiment.
“I would like to thank Millwood for letting me work with the company for the past 17 years,” he said. “I truly appreciate Millwood for everything they do.”
Congratulations to these team members on completing a long tenure with our company. Millwood is humbled and honored to employ dedicated, hardworking team members who make a difference each day and show the love of Christ to all who come in contact with our company.


Author: Jessica Chizmar