South River Celebrates Two Years Accident Free

The team at our South River, NJ facility recently achieved two years without an accident. To celebrate the milestone, management provided ice cream and a food truck to all shifts. This accomplishment meant a lot to team members who make safety a top priority each day in the workplace.

“Our commitment comes from teamwork, which plays a major role here,” Daniel Philips, second shift supervisor said. “We have a great group of guys who have been trained to perform multiple jobs safely and efficiently.”

This sentiment and emphasis on teamwork is echoed by John Lawrence, South River’s first shift supervisor.

“The phrase, ‘no excuses, just results’ explains how South River has come together to accomplish this goal and will continue exceeding company standards,” he said.

Making safety a priority starts with prioritizing fellow team members. Third Shift Supervisor Onesimo Espinoza makes an effort to reach out to his team to make sure they are feeling well enough to work. This keeps everyone healthier and reduces accidents due to fatigue or illness.

I think the reason we got to this goal is because we take care of each other like family,” Onesimo said. “Now, I think it’s gotten to be a habit for everyone to check up on each other.”

Onesimo also stated that he has seen an increase in team members helping one another in a variety of ways in the workplace. Seeing this example also helps new team members feel more safe and secure.

“We always tell the guys that we want to see them go home the same way they came to work,” Onesimo said. “I think they understand that and feel the same way.”

South River’s Plant Administrator, Kelly Singerline, helped set up the celebratory ice cream and food truck days for the team members to enjoy. Rita’s Italian Ice came to the facility on March 18 and 19 so that all shifts could enjoy a frozen treat. The following week, team members received a free lunch from a food truck serving tacos, quesadillas and burritos as well as dessert. Both celebrations were appreciated by the team.

“The Italian ice and food truck were a big hit with our employees,” Kelly said. “The food was excellent, and everyone enjoyed the churros and ice cream.”

The celebration was well-earned. Team members at South River promote a culture of safety and care each day, and it shows in their results.

“We really believe in safety first here, and we want everyone to do their job in the safest manner,” Kelly said. “We have our sights set on making it to three years accident-free.”

Congratulations to South River on this accomplishment. Thank you for your dedication to the safety of all team members.

Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Millwood