Seventh Annual Big Buck Contest Wraps Up

Millwood team members in Apple Creek and Dundee, OH finished their seventh annual Big Buck Contest a few weeks ago as the deer hunting season came to an end. They celebrated and shared hunting stories from the past season over a lunch of chicken and jojos. 
Eli Miller won first place, and Zack Miller came in second.
The competition is scored on the Boone and Crockett scoring system, which is calculated as follows:
    • Add the total length of both main beams.
    • Add the total length of all the points.
    • Add total length of four circumference measurements.
    • Add the spread credit.
    • Subtract the total number of inches of all abnormal points on a typical rack.
The highest-scoring buck takes home the first-place prize, which was 9 points this year.
There was a $100 cash prize for the winner, and the first and second-place winners each received a men’s devotional.
When it comes to the best day for hunting, opinions differed among participants. According to winner Eli Miller, Halloween is the best day for hunting; he and his sons got three deer within five minutes this Halloween.
“Grandpa said November 10th is the best day to go!” runner-up Zack Miller said. He has always had good luck on this date.
Whichever day they’re caught, the deer provide not only a way for team members to connect through a tradition, but great meals as well.
“They all taste good to me,” team member Scott Steele said.
Congratulations to this year’s winners and to all who participated in this tradition. Millwood’s mission is that all who come in contact with our company would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do, and sharing in time-honored traditions is one way our team members share in that love with one another.
Author: Jessica Chizmar