Ralph Rupert Presents Findings at AMI Conference

AMI (Applied Market Information) hosts several plastics-related conferences all over the globe every year. The North America Stretch and Shrink Film conference we recently held in Miami, Florida, and was attended by approximately 75 film industry professionals from raw materials, resin, film manufacturers, and film brokers.

Ralph Rupert, Millwood's Manager of Unit Load Technology and the genius behind the Millwood Lab, was asked to speak during the conference. 

"My presentation covered four stretch film end-use case studies that highlight the problems that often interfere with good film utilization," Rupert said. "These include poor maintenance of the equipment, lack of understanding of the requirements, and the debunking of that old adage – if a little stretch wrap is good, more has to be better."

"I was also invited at the last minute to fill in on a panel discussion to talk about obstacles and opportunities in the film market," he added. "The other panelists included two other test labs as well as film manufacturers."

He appreciated that the main theme of the event was the fostering of education – for both customers and salespeople.

To contact Ralph for either a speaking engagement, more information on the lab or to make an appointment to have your packaging audited, he can be reached at

Author: Paige Greene