Millwood Website Given Honorable Mention

Millwood is proud to announce that our website was recognized by Pallet Enterprise and given an honorable mention in their Top Five Pallet Company Websites for 2020. Pallet Enterprise examined over 65 websites of a wide variety of pallet companies, both large and small. They judged the websites based on four criteria in an effort to recognize and encourage good online design and marketing practices. The criteria the judges used to choose the winners were content, customer service, brand messaging and uniqueness.

Content was judged based on how helpful it was to employees, customers and pallet users, and how well it answered key questions these audiences might have. At Millwood, we are always striving to provide useful and compelling content through our blog and YouTube channel.

Customer service judgment was based on how effective and functional the website was for current and potential customers to find the correct information on products or to interact with the company. Our website prioritizes customers’ needs , so they can easily find links to descriptions of any of our products or request a quote.

Brand messaging refers to the brand’s identity across the web, including the effectiveness of its public image created by the logo and design. Millwood keeps consistent, recognizable branding across all its materials, online and offline. Potential customers should never be confused about the company they are interacting with.

Uniqueness was judged on whether the website had something original that stood out from the crowd. At Millwood, we pride ourselves on what makes us different, and our website reflects that by directing users to our unique selling points and our Millwood Cares programs.

“A main slider window on the top of the homepage scrolls through key messages, latest content and highlights top service offerings. The website includes videos on Millwood people and services. A recent video highlighted how the company helped a homeless man and his son turn their lives around. Its careers sections feature a video covering the culture, a job search engine and review of company benefits. Millwood’s website videos do a good job explaining the various services and what makes Millwood stand out from the pack.”

- Pallet Enterprise regarding Millwood, Inc.

Thank you to Pallet Enterprise for the honorable mention, and congratulations to those who won honors. Good design practices in the pallet industry are always something to strive for to make companies stand out and create easier processes for potential customers.

Author: Jessica Chizmar