Millwood Sends Kids to Camp

Since 2000 Millwood, Inc. has sponsored team members' young family members to attend accredited youth camps. This provides opportunities for children of all ages to experience the great outdoors with new adventures through a traditional summer camp experience. 

Through the years, our camp program has expanded throughout the company. Each facility has at least one (if not more) local camps chosen by Millwood, each with their own activities, dates and new friends. Each youth camp stands on their own merits while giving many youth the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Campers grow, explore and form lasting friendships from all walks of life.

Our camp programs are designed in the best interest of both the younger child, as well as the teen. Camp activities vary, including waterfront activities, horseback riding, archery, challenge courses, crafts and tons of fun! All the camps provide a morally based Christian atmosphere where the youth learn important values and valuable lifetime lessons.

The children local to our corporate office attended day camp last week at Camp Carl, one of Ohio's leading Christian summer camps. All our campers had a blast, and to celebrate the end of another successful camp week we would like to share a taste of what the experience is like!

Author: Paige Greene

Categories: Millwood