Millwood Opens Second Facility in Florence, SC

Millwood opened its 33rd facility in May with our second Florence, SC facility, Florence 2, which is on the same street as our original Florence facility. Florence 2 assembles boxes while the original facility continues to build pallets and crates.
Florence 2 consists of a small team of one supervisor, two assemblers and one driver. Both facilities are managed by Matt Rissman.
The team at Florence 2 noticed a significant difference in the efficiency and culture at the facility almost immediately after transitioning to a Millwood operation.
“I was impressed on the first day,” assembly team member Crystal Peterson said. “They changed the paperwork to be much more streamlined, eliminating a lot of stress and keeping everything more organized. We all clicked professionally and personally, and being able to get along with your managers, supervisors and team is what you really need in a workplace. It was all about organization, cooperation and communication.”
Crystal also expressed that the whole team had a noticeable boost in morale after the transition began.
“Everybody felt a shift in a good way. It created a safe, comfortable workplace, allowing us to provide quality product and making us feel comfortable with each other rather than pitted against each other,” she said. 
“I think it’s going to be amazing and a really great start for us moving forward. This job is important to me because I can come in and say I enjoy my job, and not a lot of people get to say that and actually mean it.”
We offer a warm welcome to our new team members in Florence, SC: Heyward Myers, driver; Marquis Pemberton and Crystal Peterson, assembly; and Dan Nahodil, supervisor. We are honored and thrilled to bring them into the Millwood family.
Author: Jessica Chizmar
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