Millwood Holds 2020 Management Meeting

On Thursday, October 22, Millwood held its annual Management Meeting online. Like the many gatherings during COVID-19, this year’s meeting took advantage of technology to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Millwood’s executive team spoke on how the company has been performing for the past fiscal year.

Speaker Tim Kight, founder of the Focus 3 program, joined the meeting to give a lesson on making disciplined choices in the face of adversity.

The meeting also included the announcement of award winners who have surpassed our expectations this year in more ways than one!


  • Nashville, TN – plant manager Andy Alexander
  • Cleveland, TN—plant manager Lanny Lester
  • Hamilton, OH—plant manager Antonio Delgado
  • Columbus, OH—plant manager Greg Rank
  • Waterford, NY—plant manager David Montesanti


  • Tonya Taylor, Jessica Sullivan & Don Smith
  • Dave Manko, Sarah Drennen & Laura Philibin
  • Kim Danessa-Weigel
  • Ginny DeVatt

Congratulations to the above winners!

Author: Jessica Chizmar