Millwood Family Grows with New Facility Acquisition

Millwood, Inc. acquired its 10th Ohio facility and 32nd location nationwide. The acquisition was made official on May 2 after Millwood Co-owners Chip Trebilcock and Steve Miller made the trip to Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crate, Inc. in downtown Cleveland to meet with the team members who are now a part of our Millwood family. 

“We’re very excited for this acquisition,” Trebilcock said. “We firmly stand by our mission that all who come in contact with Millwood would clearly see the love of Christ in all we do, and that won’t be any different with the family we’re welcoming from CCPC.” 

With this additional location, Millwood will be able to supply whitewood pallets, crates and other products and services to much of northeast Ohio and beyond. 

“Millwood continues to grow each year, and with growth comes the opportunity to acquire new business,” Miller said. “The purchase of CCPC will allow Millwood to further extend its brand and Christian values and give our sales, sourcing and operations teams opportunities to develop new relationships in this area of the state and country.” 

CCPC, formerly known as G&M Pallet & Skid, Co., services much of the greater Cleveland area and is a family-owned business with more than 40 years and two generations of experience. It also operated as a Christian pallet company and the team shares many of Millwood’s values. 

CCPC specialize in many of the same products and services that we offer such as custom pallets, plastic pallets, pressed wood (INCA) pallets, crates, heat treating, pallet removal and other packaging consumables. 

As the team at CCPC makes the transition to the Millwood family, signage and other branding will soon don the location at 4201 Lakeside Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114. 

“Several members of the Millwood team are working with the CCPC team to ensure a smooth transition,” Trebilcock and Miller said. “We look forward to serving the greater Cleveland area and welcoming our new Millwood family members.”

We are thrilled to see the Millwood family grow with this acquisition and wish our new members a warm welcome. 

Author: Jessica Chizmar