Millwood Direct Offers Crafters a Solution

The Millwood team is excited to have pallet boards available for DIYers looking for new ways to get their creative juices flowing.

“Pallet projects are more than a fad. They aren’t going anywhere,” said Lionel Trebilcock, regional whitewood manager. “We have the pallet boards available at our Vienna, OH pallet repair plant, so we went to the drawing board and thought of ways to offer this product on our ecommerce site.”

All the material can be found on our ecommerce site, Millwood Direct. The pallet boards are available in 3.5” and 5.5” widths and ship direct to the customer’s residence. The customer starts by entering the width and height, in feet, of their project area into a calculator that the Millwood team configured on the website.

“This calculator is what makes us different from others who are currently selling bundles of reclaimed pallet lumber online,” Trebilcock said. “This calculator will ensure the customer gets what they need with minimal waste.”

Another differentiator is that the customer will get a variety of lengths from 12” to 40” – something that is not available right now at other retailers.

The pallet boards will ship from Millwood’s Vienna, OH pallet operations, for now. If there is a demand in other areas of the country, the company has plans to expand coverage.

“We’ve had such a high demand for just the pallet boards both internally and externally for different pallet projects, and we have always had to turn them down,” Trebilcock said. “Now we can get them what they need.”