Millwood Corporate Office Named a Great Place to Work

Millwood’s corporate office was recently named as a Great Place to Work in the Youngstown Business Journal, a publication for the area near our corporate office in Vienna, OH. Two nominations, from corporate team members Josh Stipanovich, multimedia manager, and Chad McConnell, sourcing manager, were featured in the publication.
In their nominations, both team members expressed their appreciation for our faith-based and family-centered values. They wrote that they feel valued and cared for by their employer, as we hope all Millwood team members do. 
“Millwood is a family-owned company and the owners really make you feel like a part of their family,” McConnell said. “We also have a great program around Christmas where a group of us from the office get together and shop for local charities.”
Josh Stipanovich echoed the sentiment.
“Millwood is a Christian company that was founded on four pillars: trust, servitude, discipleship and integrity,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else and am proud to be a part of the Millwood family.”
Millwood is thankful to have the opportunity to be a light in the marketplace and for our team members, and we are humbled to have been nominated and selected as a Great Place to Work. 
To read the nominations in their entirety and learn more about other Great Places to Work in the Mahoning Valley, visit the Youngstown Business Journal
Author: Jessica Chizmar
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