Millwood Case Study: Custom Solution Brings Cost Savings

Millwood’s capabilities allow for pallets and crates customized to the individual needs of every customer. Our expertise and innovative approach have led to successful results in sustainability, cost savings and reduced waste for companies in a variety of industries. 
For businesses in construction and related industries, efficiency and cost reduction are paramount goals. This case study explores how Millwood helped a stone and masonry supplier in more ways than one.
The Problem
A stone and masonry company required a new, custom pallet size that their previous vendor was unable to supply. Their search for a new solution led them to Millwood’s pallet experts.
Millwood’s Solution
Millwood was able to provide the custom sizing needed for the new pallets. Additionally, we created a pallet return program for the customer, allowing them to return their used pallets for repair rather than allow them to go to waste.
Successful Results
The pallet return program resulted in a cost savings of $8-$10 per pallet, amounting to $60,000-$70,000 per year.
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Author: Jessica Chizmar