Millwood Case Study: A Tailored Solution for Vulnerable Products

Transporting delicate products safely is not just a matter of protecting an investment, but a vital part of maintaining product integrity and customer satisfaction. In the home decor industry, where appearance and quality are paramount, shipping damage can be a significant obstacle. In this case study, we will discuss how Millwood provided a large home decor retailer with an innovative and customized solution to ensure the safe shipping of large marble slabs across all their locations in the U.S.
The Problem
A company introduced large slabs of marble to their product line, which were vulnerable to shipping damage. The conventional packaging solutions were inadequate for these special products, leading to a pressing need for a customized shipping solution.
Millwood's Solution
Using the ISTA-certified Millwood Lab, Millwood's pallet and packaging experts designed custom A-frames with foam padding tailored to the dimensions of the large marble slabs. These custom A-frames securely cradled the marble, eliminating potential pressure points that could cause damage during transportation.
Successful Results
Once becoming a Millwood customer, the company now uses Millwood's design for shipping the large slabs of marble to all their locations across the United States.
This collaboration has reaffirmed Millwood's commitment to innovative problem-solving and the ability to provide customized solutions that meet unique client needs. It has allowed the customer to successfully introduce a new product line and solidify their market position.
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Author: Jessica Chizmar