Millwood Adjusts to the New Normal

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March 2020, we had no way of knowing the scale or magnitude of the issue we were about to be faced with. Not only were we about to experience a global public health crisis, but an economic one as well.

The changes and adjustments we have all had to make have been so drastic that nearly every way we interacted has been modified in some way. Workplaces that were able to do so implemented new guidelines for its teams to work from home, which meant more  virtual meetings over phone and video chat instead of in person.

Many businesses closed their doors indefinitely, hoping to mitigate the spread of the disease among customers and workers. However, essential businesses stayed open, and employees of those companies tied their bootstraps every day to ensure essential products were available.

cnn_tunkhannock_fbMillwood is one such business. Groceries and medical supplies, among many other products, are shipped on pallets. Without pallets, businesses wouldn’t be able to ship essential items, and they wouldn’t be stocked on shelves for people to purchase. As essential workers, Millwood team members have had to react quickly and adjust efficiently in order to keep the workplace safe.

Corporate team members have adjusted to working from home. With schools and daycares also closed, it has been a challenge for many team members to balance their work and home lives. We are proud of our corporate office for adapting to these major changes.

Team members at every Millwood facility have adjusted to social distancing guidelines with extra cleaning, wearing face masks and more while continuing their high standards of hard work and dedication.  

Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have been using social media to highlight our essential team members at facilities across the country under the hashtag #CoroNewNormal. Each of our team members, whether they work at the corporate office or one of our 27 manufacturing or repair locations, has gone above and beyond to adapt to the new normal that the coronavirus has imposed on us.

dave_cnn-1Some facilities have gotten creative with their safety measures. Our facility in Melrose Park, IL, installed hands-free doorknobs on the bottoms of the doors in the plant to prevent the spreading of germs. The New Hope, WI, plant has marked the floors of high traffic areas to ensure social distancing of at least six feet. One facility even brought Easter fun into the mix! Team members at our De Pere, WI, facility brought masks home to be decorated by their children for Easter.

The regional sales team has also had to make adjustments. In our latest Millwood Vlog, Josh sits down with Dan Behm for a virtual meeting where they discuss the difficulties of the impact of COVID-19, including the challenge of balancing childcare with working from home.

“The simplest of tasks has gotten harder,” said Behm.

At the same time, businesses and customers are all adapting to the changing situation. While circumstances have changed abruptly, everyone is working together to make these changes as smoothly as possible.

Thank you to all of our team members who have worked tirelessly and adapted quickly to the changing circumstances surrounding this pandemic. We are blessed to have you on our team and we appreciate all that you do.

Take a look at our Facebook  and LinkedIn pages to see more photos of how our team members have adapted.

Check out the latest vlog below to hear more from Dan Behm about his experience adjusting to the new normal.





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