Millwood Adapts to the Changing Landscape, Part 2

2020 has been a challenging year in our personal and professional lives across all industries and roles. Today we are highlighting regional sales manager in the western region Dave Manko, who has risen to the task of adapting in the face of significant upheaval in the way his role operates.

For a salesperson, restrictions on face-to-face meetings is a huge disadvantage. You are no longer given the benefit of personal interaction, shaking hands, telling jokes and stories and all the ways we connect with one another in person. Cold-calling and visits are limited as well, with few outside vendors being allowed into businesses. This makes it difficult both to grow existing relationships and forge new ones.

blockquote (1)“But challenges provide excuses, and excuses provide comfort,” Dave said. “So, what do you do? Get super uncomfortable and try new things.”

Dave was eager to hit the ground running in finding alternatives to his usual sales methods. He utilized technology like video chat and social media, met with customers in socially-distanced coffee shops due to office closings and utilized creative problem-solving to find new ways to reach people. He also used this time to reflect on his strengths and weaknesses as a salesperson.

“This has allowed me to evaluate and improve my sales process, acknowledge and work on my bad habits, leverage my resources and create efficiencies to multiply my time,” Dave said.

Dave has also leaned heavily on our Lord during this time, knowing that His plan is always in action.

Each Monday, team members at our corporate office gather in prayer. For health and safety reasons, these gatherings are currently being held via video call.

“There is nothing like starting my work week in agreement with prayer,” Dave said. “God is in control and He is lining up our schedules, our meetings, our conversations, and the people who come across our path.”

When we put our trust in God, He works on our behalf, adding to the efforts that we put forth. As a faith-based business, Millwood’s mission and vision align with God’s word and wisdom.

“It’s my job to take this cause and mission into the marketplace and be the light of the world in a dark place, that is described in Matthew 5:14. Where there is Light, darkness will flee,” Dave said.

Dave is dedicated not just to meeting these challenges but embracing them. We grow through adversity, and we learn the most important lessons outside of our comfort zone. Millwood is blessed to have team members like Dave who are always ready to improve and strive for excellence.

Author: Jessica Chizmar

Categories: Millwood, covid-19