Millwood Acquires Southworth Wood Products

Millwood, Inc. acquired its second location in Southern Ohio and 35th location nationwide. Millwood Co-owners and Partners Chip Trebilcock and Steve Miller finalized the acquisition on September 1.

This new location sits on 51 acres and will be referred to as MillTree East: A Millwood, Inc. Company and is just minutes from Millwood’s original MillTree West location in Waverly, OH.

MillTree East is a circle mill that is currently cutting material that is resized with band saws for pallet material. Custom crates and pallets are also built at this new location.

“This mill here allows us to do more custom lengths than our original Waverly scragg mill,” Millwood General Manager Lionel Trebilcock said. “This acquisition will allow for growth for the company and the team members working at our MillTree operations.”

Railroad ties are also being cut at this new Millwood location.

“When pallets or cut stock is down a little bit, we can switch gears and cut these ties,” Trebilcock said. “This is a new product that we’ve never done before.”

Millwood’s mission is that all who come in contact with Millwood would clearly see the love of Christ in all we do and is at the top of our acquisition checklist.

“The Southworth Wood Products acquisition just made sense. It fit with our mission and is just minutes away from our MillTree West location,” Trebilcock said. "The two MillTree locations will work in tandem to meet the needs of our customer base in this region.”

The team at this new location all have transitioned into the Millwood family and will work hand-in-hand with the MillTree West location to meet the demands of our customers in this area of Ohio.

“Located only three miles from our existing sawmill and pallet operation in Waverly, acquiring Southworth presented a unique opportunity for us to not only increase our capacity but also our product offerings to our customers in Central and Southern Ohio,” Sales Director Lee Evans III said.

Rich Clark, who now works as a district manager, will oversee the operational and chaplaincy responsibilities for both MillTree locations.

“The team and I at MillTree West are very excited to work with and help develop and grow the MillTree East team,” Clark said.