Top 10 Reasons to Join the WPA

The Western Pallet Association (WPA) recently held their annual meeting in Rancho Mirage, California. Almost 200 people were in attendence for the "Get the Edge: Stay Sharp in 2018" conference. The meeting is open to both members and nonmembers alike, so Millwood (a member of the WPA) posed the question: why should someone become a member? 



Top 10 Reasons to Join the WPA

  1. WPA was created to advance the marketplace specifically in the western United States. Because there are challenges specific to the region, the narrow focus is more beneficial than other industry groups that offer generic solutions to a wider audience.
  2. Although the benefit of WPA is the regional specific support, they work closely with the National Wooden Pallet and Container Assocation (NWPCA) to maintain national connections and support. 
  3. Among those national efforts, WPA directs support to The Pallet Foundation, which conducts research into industry problems. WPA also focuses these efforts on research specific to issues relevant to the western marketplace.WPA LOGO2016 copy 2.jpg
  4. The association offers great opportunities (such as the annual meeting) to network not only with fellow pallet suppliers but also with support vendors. This means you will get a chance to speak with companies that handle pallets as well as those who handle lumber, equipment, nails or other necessary materials for the pallet industry.
  5. Because both manufacturers and support industry leaders are included in WPA, membership is individualized depending on what your role is in the packaging world.
  6. The reasonable cost is also individualized, as WPA recognizes each type of member (pallet manufacturer or support industry) will receive a different value from their membership. 
  7. As a member, you get a significant discount for programs (such as the annual meeting!) and the opportunities that come with them.
  8. Members gain access to industry experts and are given the opportunity to attend speaking engagements. This year, topics included "Bioeconomy-An exciting Future for Forest Products," "Stranger Things- Five Key Trends that Will Change Everything in the Pallet Industry" and many more. 
  9. Did we mention the annual meeting was in Palm Springs? Show your employer how dedicated you are to learning more about the industry by coming to sunny California in January!
  10. Finally, WPA members have the opportunity to hang out with celebrities like Millwood's own Ralph Rupert. Ralph's accomplishments are vast and well known, and include:
      1. Board member of WPA
      2. Chair of Pallet Standard Committee
      3. Member of Various NWPCA Committees
      4. Reserve Grand Chapion of Honey Products, The Canfield Fair
      5. Blue Ribbon receipient for his home brewed beer, The Great Geauga County Fair

For these and other great reasons, email Ralph Rupert to find out how you can become a member today!


Author: Paige Greene