How Millwood’s Chaplains Impact Our Teams

Millwood is a faith-based company, and in service of our mission that all who come in contact with our company would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do, each of our 35+ locations employs a dedicated chaplain. 
Every team member has access to their chaplain, who can assist them with spiritual development and accessing needed resources. Chaplains also regularly engage their teams with team building activities and other special opportunities for fellowship.
Recently, team members in Texas gathered after their workday for a game of soccer. The team used it as an opportunity to bond with one another and their chaplain, who has a sports background and worked for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for several years. 
“The soccer game was a very connective time and a celebration of great spiritual cultivation,” the chaplain said.
So far this year, the team has had several opportunities for connection and spiritual growth, including the outreach of evangelist Carmine Azzato, who shared the Gospel with the team and several other Millwood locations throughout 2023 and 2024. 
 After the impact Carmine left on the team, they also began participating in Bible studies led by their chaplain. At lunch, the chaplain reads from the Bible, the team discusses the word in English and Spanish, and they close in prayer. 
“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them better each week,” the chaplain said. 
 Two chaplains at a Millwood location in Tennessee recently cooked lunch for their team, which included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, banana pudding and a roll.
“Providing a meal for the team members is one way we can show them the love of Jesus,” one of the chaplains said. “We feel it is important to not only feed people spiritually but that we need to take care of their physical needs as well.”
While breaking bread together, the chaplains and team members had open conversations about Easter and Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins.
“When you are sharing a meal with people, it is easier to talk about things,” the chaplain said. “Meals open doors for people to see the love of Jesus, and they see that we care for them as well.”
Millwood’s mission is that all who come in contact with our company would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do. We are thankful to our chaplain team who are committed to connecting with team members and showing them Christ’s love in practical ways.
Author: Jessica Chizmar
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