Helpful Terms for Pallet Pupils

Our job is not just to offer the best pallet for the job, but to help you understand why. That's where our packaging lab comes in, where pallets and packaging equipment can be tested on your merchandise to determine that perfect balance between cost savings and protective thriftiness.
If you don’t work in the packaging industry, you might not be familiar with all the unique details and intricacies of what goes into building a pallet. For many buyers, packaging lingo can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Today, we’re laying out some common terms you may come across in the packaging world. 
  1. Net Wrap - Flexible, plastic netting for wrapping palletized goods, including the pallet, for stability, while allowing ventilation and refrigeration of heat-producing load, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Overall Height - The vertical dimension measured from pallet bottom to pallet top.
  3. Durability - A pallet’s life expectancy and cost per trip, in terms of number of one-way trips.
  4. Squareness - Conformance to rectangular configuration, as measured by the difference in length of two principal diagonals of square foot portion of a pallet.
  5. Out-of-Square - Non-conformance to rectangular configuration; this refers to a pallet of the same length or width with unequal diagonals.
Did you enjoy this mini-pallet lesson, or do you have bigger and bolder questions that need answered? Let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to address your questions as they come!
Note: These terms and their definitions were provided by the Approved American National Standard on Pallets, Slip Sheets and Other Bases for Unit Loads.
Author: Jessica Chizmar