Hamilton Celebrates Accident-Free Anniversary

Millwood’s Hamilton, OH team achieved one year without an accident at their facility on June 17. The team and several guests celebrated this accomplishment on August 1.
Millwood chaplain Pastor Ercides Estrada opened the celebration with a prayer. The group enjoyed a catered lunch from a team favorite restaurant, Tortilleria Garcia. 
Hamilton Plant Manager Antonio Delgado emphasized that cultivating a culture of safety depends on safety being a priority for every team member, every day. He also let the team know that safety is essential to Millwood’s success, and that by working safely, they contribute to that success.
“The best advice to all our team members is to never forget about safety. We need to remind ourselves every day to always remember safety, regardless of the situation or circumstances,” he said. “The risk of accidents and injuries can be significantly reduced by prioritizing safety, but it needs to happen every day and requires effort from all and each of us. Safety is a team work, nobody can be excluded.”
Millwood’s number one priority is the safety of our team members, in alignment with our mission that all who come in contact with us would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do. Congratulations to the Hamilton team, and thank you to our teams at all our locations who prioritize the safety of themselves and others each and every day.
Author: Jessica Chizmar