Glenwillow Celebrates Three Years Accident-Free

Millwood’s Glenwillow, OH location reached three years without an accident on March 3. On April 13, they celebrated the milestone with a luncheon, which was attended by team members from both shifts, Plant Administrator David Davis, Plant Clerk Ruth Young and several guests from operations leadership and the corporate office.
The celebration began with prayer led by Frank Hyatt, director of chaplain ministries. Several of the guests spoke to the group to express their gratitude and admiration for the team’s hard work and dedication.
“Three years accident-free is an unbelievable accomplishment,” District Manager Matt Pacurar said. “You guys as a whole look out for each other, and you are the ones that build the culture on that floor that provides a safe environment that allows everyone to go home safe every day.”
After these comments, Frank Hyatt prayed for the meal. The team and their guests enjoyed a catered lunch and took a group photo together.
The culture at Glenwillow helps them live out Millwood’s mission that all who come in contact with us would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do. The team shows love and care for one another every day by staying committed to working safely. Congratulations to every team member at Glenwillow for this achievement.
Author: Jessica Chizmar