Girl Scouts Complete Service Project with Pallet Wood

Phase II of the "Plant"iful Garden Project, which is located behind retirement apartments near Millwood's corporate office in Vienna, OH, was completed this month due to the hard work of Girl Scout Troop 344

The project, once completed, featured an expansion of the original garden while incorporating raised flower beds and additional outdoor seating. Phase II enabled scouts to design and plan their project from start to finish, which resulted in the construction of flower beds, picnic tables and two sets of benches for the community garden.

If you look closely at the photo, you'll notice our own Lee Evans in the back row. What is a sourcing manager doing with a troop of girl scouts? Another Millwood team member has family involved with the troop, and because the troop is in McDonald, where Lee lives, the team member directed the request for pallet wood to him. After he managed the process of the girls receiving their donation, he purchased additional lumber he believed they would need to complete the project, going above and beyond the call of duty.  

Girl Scout Troop 344 has only five members, all in high school. They worked as a team to build everything needed in phase II, and then brought their families and Mr. Evans together to attend a dedication ceremony celebrating new garden area. Their project began in 2012, when the troop was awarded a grant that allowed them to build and maintain raised planters and bird houses. The retirement community tennants plant and enjoy vegetables in their garden every year and are excited about the continued development. 

Congratulations to the young women of Troop 344! We are proud of your dedication to helping the community develop and grow and loved the opportunity to be a part of your work. 

Author: Paige Greene