Five Terms for Packaging System Students

At Millwood, Inc., we’re more than just a pallet company. We offer a wide array of products to make sure your load is secure in transport, and that includes our selection of packaging systems.

These systems can feel complex and even mysterious to those outside of the packaging industry. There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re running a business, and unit load technology is often lower on the list. That’s why we’ve put together this list of simple systems terms, so you can learn about your machinery little by little.

If you ever have questions about your packaging system, our team of experts is always ready with the answers you need!

Here are five terms systems scholars might want to know:

  1. Pass Line Height – Height of the conveyor that interfaces with the stretch wrap system. It can refer to either the infeed or exit conveyor.
  2. Feet Per Minute (FPM) – Speed of the conveyor when moving a pallet load to or from the stretch wrapper. It can be a set point or variable.
  3. Process Rate – Number of loads the stretch wrapper needs to wrap to keep up with customer production requirements. Measured as loads per hour, loads per shift or loads per day.
  4. Automatic Load Height Detection – Stretch wrapper photoeye that automatically measures the height of the pallet load for stretch wrapping. The photoeye will automatically adjust the wrap height to the actual height of the pallet load.
  5. Film Delivery System – Stretch wrapper film carriage that delivers the stretch film to the pallet load to be wrapped.

Did you learn something new with this mini systems lesson? Let our team know if you have bigger and bolder questions that require and expert!

Author: Jessica Chizmar