Five Terms for Filter Sock Scholars

Millwood may be known for the packaging side of its business, but our CORE Erosion Control Services brand carries an entirely different type of product. CORE manufactures and distributes products used to protect water from the harmful effects of the construction industry.  They’re made of natural, recycled materials and reduce environmental risk associated with erosion and sedimentation. 
Ready to learn more? Here are five key terms for anyone interested in the erosion and sediment control side of the business.
  1. CORE Filter Socks: CORE Filter Socks help prevent sediment loss caused by erosion. Storm water runoff flows through the filter socks which trap the sediment and allow cleaner water to flow through. Our CORE Filter Socks are made with aged wood and recyclable polypropylene or cotton mesh.
  2. Hardwood Stakes: Our stakes are made from hardwood and available in 24", 36" and 48" sizes. They are used mainly for securing the CORE Filter Socks to the ground but can also be used for manufacturing silt fence and staking other products in place.
  3. Bridge & Crane Mats: Bridge and crane mats are used to prevent negative impacts on wetlands, marshes, personal property and other sensitive environments that may be encountered on a job site.  They also provide a steady, solid surface for machinery and personnel to work on in uneven or otherwise hazardous terrain. Our crane mats are reliable, quick to setup and highly effective as a level base for equipment and work surfaces.
  4. Laminated Mats: Laminated mats are an alternative to traditional bridge and crane mats which are mainly used in cases of lighter loads. They weigh less than hardwood timber mats and have greater maneuverability.
  5. Pipeline Skids: Pipeline skids are used in oil and gas projects to provide a stable way to store and move pipes. Our hardwood skids can be custom-built to meet any load requirements.
Author: Jessica Chizmar