Four Terms for CORE-Curious Customers

Our loyal readers are familiar with our “Five Terms” series, in which we demystify the terminology of the packaging industry. This week we instead bring you four terms common to our CORE Erosion Control Services brand.

Our erosion control products are outliers in that they do not serve to transport or protect shipped goods. CORE products support construction and utility projects that can create erosion pollution that puts the surrounding environment at risk. These products are made of natural, recyclable or renewable components that protect the land from a variety of risks associated with construction.

Curious about the products that handle that protection and how they do it?

Check out these Four Terms for Curious Customers:

1. Compost Filter Sock - Compost socks are made from a polypropylene netting stuffed with recycled wood chips. They are used to filter water runoff and remove sediment or dirt that may contaminate the natural environment.

2. SWPP Plan - A stormwater pollution protection plan (SWPP) is a site-specific required document detailing how a construction site will prevent erosion and contain sediment to protect the surrounding area.

3. Bridge Mat - Bridge and crane mats provide a temporary roadway that protect environmentally sensitive areas, wetlands or even existing asphalt roads from potential disturbance due to construction. 

4. Silt Fencing -  A silt fence is a length of filter fabric stretched between anchoring posts (often wood stakes) that is used as perimeter control to protect rivers, lakes, streams and other waterways from sedimentary runoff. 

Did this lesson help clear up questions you may have had while looking at our CORE products? If you have more, be sure to ask an expert by contacting us here or by leaving a comment below!

Author: Paige Greene