Evangelical Speakers Make an Impact at Millwood

In alignment with our mission that all who come in contact with our company would clearly see the love of Christ in all that we do, Millwood has partnered with various ministries including Sports World, Hitting the Pavement and others to bring inspirational speakers to Millwood locations across the country.
In 2023, athletes like Jonathan Mensah, Carmine Azzato, Michael Ingram and Ray McElroy traveled to Millwood locations across the country, sharing their spiritual journeys and how the love of Christ has helped them overcome challenges and achieve success.
These outreach initiatives show the love of Christ to team members and encourage them to learn more about the Lord. Many team members have been inspired to give their lives to Jesus Christ after experiencing a visit from an evangelist speaker.
Two team members who fled their home country of Venezuela due to political difficulties and found work at Millwood recently experienced a visit from Carmine Azzato which encouraged them to follow Jesus.
“How can someone not be able to accept such an incredible invitation?” one of the team members said.
The team members’ chaplain cited Carmine’s practical approach to evangelism as one of the reasons the team members responded in this way.
“When they got to this country and a company like Millwood offered them a job in something they have never worked with before, but were willing to learn the process of repairing pallets, they were so thankful,” the team members’ chaplain said. “Then someone like Carmine Azzato comes to their location to share the Gospel in a very practical and relevant way, these two young guys immediately respond to the invitation of following Jesus.”
This chaplain continues to work with team members to nurture their desire to give their lives to Christ.
“I know these two gentlemen come from a background where they were not exposed to this kind of environment to follow Jesus,” the chaplain said. “I am working with them in a personal level, building a relationship and being able to show them the Love of Christ in practical ways.”
In 2023, Millwood began ensuring each location nationwide would experience an evangelical outreach throughout the year. They are continuing to work with ministries and speakers to continue providing this outreach throughout 2024.
Author: Jessica Chizmar