DIY Christmas Gifts: with Pallets!

Christmas is just around the corner and gifts are on a lot of people’s minds. With retail stores busier than ever and gifts getting more and more expensive, holiday shopping can get overwhelming and hard on your wallet. One way to avoid this is by making gifts instead of buying them.

Making gifts can help the environment by reusing materials and cutting down on consumption. It’s also a unique way to show that you care. The time and care that goes into making a homemade, custom gift can make the receiver feel even more special.

In some cases, procuring the materials to make homemade gifts can be just as expensive as buying them brand new. However, you can often make gifts out of inexpensive materials, or even things you already have! If you have spare pallets that you don’t need to use anymore, they can be given a whole new life by being made into a custom gift. Pallets are an inexpensive material that you may already have lying around or can access easily. If you do not have access to used pallets, or you want to avoid the difficult task of disassembling a pallet, check out our pallet kits available at Millwood Direct.

Here are a few ideas for gifts you can make with pallets!

Pallet State Sign

This is a great gift for anyone who has pride for their home state or someone who has moved out of state. This gift is a charming reminder of home that ties in with any décor and can be put either inside or outside. You can use different colored stains or polishes to create your desired effect after cutting out your state.

Pallet Nativity Scene

This Nativity scene made out of pallet wood is a lovely reminder of the reason for the season. Pallet wood makes a great material to build a manger of any size, whether you want one on your entryway table or in your front yard. You can purchase ceramic figurines from craft stores or create them out of clay to complete your Nativity scene.


Pallet Clock

These handmade pallet clocks are a great addition to a home with any décor, from rustic to modern. They are a classic gift that lends beauty to whichever room they are in and can be customized to match the style of whomever you are gifting it to.



Pallet Photo Transfer

These pieces of photo art can be made by transferring a photo onto pallet wood. One method of creating these pieces includes using modpodge or any transfer solution of your choice. Your picture will have to be photocopied or printed on a laserjet printer on regular paper (inkjet ink will smear), and you can then use the modpodge to transfer it onto the pallet wood. These can be made in any size and with any photo, making it a custom gift that can commemorate any event or person.


Pallet Painting

If you have artistic talent, you could consider creating a painting on pallet wood. Painting on wood gives a piece that rustic flair that makes it feel even more special and homemade. Traditional canvases and wooden canvases at craft stores can cost upwards of $40 each for the same size canvas that you could get from a pallet.



If you don’t have the time or the talent to create these pieces yourself, each photo on this post links to the Etsy page of its creator. Consider supporting these artists who work hard to create these custom pallet pieces.

Author: Jessica Chizmar