CORE Erosion Control Services Filter Socks Approved for Use in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has approved the use of CORE filter socks for erosion and sediment control. The approval means the CORE Erosion Control Services team can now bid on and accept TDOT projects moving forward.


“We’ve worked hard to ensure that our filter socks meet TDOT requirements,” said Chris Sztenderowicz, sales director - CORE erosion control. “We are excited that the hard work of our team has paid off, and that we will now be able to expand our business to Tennessee.”


The TDOT approval includes the 8”, 12”, 18” and 24” CORE filter socks.


“This approval shows that our filter socks are among some of the best available,” Sztenderowicz said. “Moving forward, we are working to maintain approval in other states as well.”


Since Millwood, Inc. acquired the business, the CORE Erosion Control Services sales team has grown by nine, and the company has added three compost filter sock-manufacturing locations.


Other products included in the CORE product brand are: