Changing Lives: Team Member Impact Vlog

In episode nine of the Millwood vlog host Josh Stipanovich takes us inside our North Haven, De Pere and New Hope facilities. You’ll get the opportunity to hear from a variety of team members at all levels of management as they share their experiences working in a Millwood pallet facility.

Josh asked each individual how they were impacted by Millwood. Some shared their experience in job growth; other team members shared stories of the people that stood out. In this episode you’ll also have the opportunity to see inside some of our facilities and get a taste of the culture.  

Luis Acosta, plant supervisor at De Pere, shared “I don’t see this like it’s my job; to me it’s like a school because there’s always something to learn here.”

Check out the video below and learn about these hard-working team members in operations. Vlogs are posted on our YouTube channel every other Thursday. 


Author: Paige Greene

Categories: Vlog